Project Life is a social enterprise, specialized in organizing, managing and supporting child-focused social responsibility projects. We touch life by working on children's benefits and goods.

"Let goodness be born with more goodness and grow with us."

Aslı Özdemir

Education, Career and "Projemiz Hayat"

Aslı Özdemir is a married mother and has 2 children. She graduated from Ted Ankara College and Bilkent University, respectively.

She is a volunteer member of TED (Turkish Education Association) since 2009 which is a foundation established for children's development and education. She is also supporting one of the leading NGO's in Turkey - YGA (Young Guru Academy, which has currently undertaken joint programs with Harvard University, MIT and UC Berkley ), as a dream partner.

"As a mother of two, I always knew, I was going to do something about the kids one day, and I started Projemiz Hayat to organize social responsibility projects for kids with this vision.

Phoca, the source of goodness

Phoca is a structure built for funding children - focused social responsibility projects. It is being operated under the roof of a broad-based social enterprise, Projemiz Hayat,

Phoca is an idea of a system that brings together the best of life, with the motto of "Good for good" and aims to touch those who is in need.

As Phoca, we built our aim on "goodness". There is good in the dna of this foundation, unity and solidarity in its rising values.

Aslı Özdemir


As a roof organization to social responsibility projects, we aim to create tangible, impactful changes with our inspiring ,warm touch.

We bring together the needy owners with power holders and aim to fulfill their social responsibilities by incorporating our child-focused humanitarian projects.

The power of our structure is coming from our ability of balanced and systematic job share and our robust organization.

We believe that the most effective way to have an impactful touch to life is to reach the right people at the right time, with a project prepared in the right way.

Mummy Brain Builders

Emotional Neglect in Childhood

Since it is mostly silent and invisible, emotional neglect in childhood can only be noticed when symptoms developed in adulthood like feeling emptiness, being addicted, self-indignation and blame, high perfectionism, low self-esteem, struggle in expressing feelings.

MBB aims to create awareness in the society especially for emotional neglect which all of us live through unconsciously. Since the mothers are the most influential brain builders, our main focus will be the mothers who are lost in their chaotic routines. Childhood brain development is highly influenced by mothers serve and return interactions. A conscious and an interactive mother is the most important need off a 0-3 yrs child for his/her early childhood experience.

Mummy Brain Builder (MBB) invites mothers for a mindful moment in their choatic life routines.

We believe, by creating self-healing methods and developing nurturing mothers with good mother energy, MBB will have a positive impact on the emotional development of early childhood in all income families. Emotional development means, emotionally more secure, self-confident, peaceful, mindful, socially responsible, happier people in a society. Although developing this kind of secure attachment takes time and consistency as a matter of course in the long run, it will create powerful and positive societies.

Coming Soon.

Everything is for Sustainable Help

We know that only donations and charity events is not enough for sustainable social responsibility projects. That is why we created our brand Phoca . Phoca is our communication, production, sharing and sales network, which aims to spread our motto "goodness for goodness" to societies.

Phoca is a 0-6 year old children's textile brand established to transfer all net profits to social responsibility projects, using 100% natural GOTS certified materials, acting on the basis of design-derived ethical rules. %100 profit to charity.